Greece Has Obtained Nearly 3,000 Applications from Digital Nomads


Greece is becoming a new digital nomad destination. According to the latest data obtained by Business Daily from the Ministry of Immigration and Asylum, 2,918 visa applications in Greece have been submitted by digital nomads. So far, 1,693 have been approved. 

Many countries around the world are welcoming digital nomads and offering visas and other benefits to boost their economies. Greece is one of the latest European countries joining the digital nomad revolution.

Greece: A New Digital Nomad Destination

According to data from the Ministry of Immigration and Asylum in Greece, 2,918 visa applications have been submitted by digital nomads. Of these, 1693 have already been approved, while 1,255 remain pending. 

According to Theodoros Pelagidis, Deputy Governor of the Bank of Greece, this is a great opportunity for Greece:

About 80% of Europeans want to live in a different place from where they work, while about 1/3 of German and French workers will work remotely in 2022, and this is an opportunity for Greece in terms of attracting them.

If Greece attracts 100,000 digital nomads that remain for a minimum of 6 months, the economy could increase by 1.6 billion euros a year – according to an MIT survey. 

The Greek government mentioned that those applying for the digital nomad visa would need to prove that they have a monthly income of 3,500 euros. They also need to show corresponding work guarantees to ensure that they actually come to Greece to offer services to an employer abroad. 

Digital nomads in Greece will originally be granted for a period of 12 months, and those applicants must work remotely with employers or clients outside Greece. 


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