Georgian Court University Going For a Four Day Work Week

Four day work week
Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Georgian Court University will begin giving employees Fridays off making the week a four-day shortened workweek.

“It’s such a relief. Just to know that on Fridays you can make all of your appointments is a relief. And with childcare, paying a day less is a huge advantage.”Toni Ann McLaughlin, Assistant Vice President, Institutional Advancement at Georgian Court University

During the summers, university workers get the benefit of a four-day work week. But beginning in autumn, the advantage will be available all year long, making this New Jersey institution of higher learning the first to do so.

The goal of the new working policy, according to Diana Sofo, director of human resources, is to help employees have a better work-life balance. The four-day work week requires employees to work the same number of hours compressed over four days, and Sofo anticipates that close to 90% of workers will choose to use it.

“I think this will have an impact on trying to attract and retain new employees. I’ve done a lot of research and I know that the four-day work week is really gaining a lot of steam in Europe, so we are trying to be innovative and give our employees what other people are asking for,”Diana Sofo, Director of HR, Georgian Court University

Many businesses and institutions across the globe have transformed their work week into a four day work week and most gave also adopted a remote or a hybrid work model.

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