Mental Health Startup Real Offers A Four Day Work Week With Remote Work

Mental health remote work
Photo by Emma Dau on Unsplash

Initially planning an in-person experience, mental health startup Real’s founder Ariela Safira decided to pivot to a remote work model during the virus outbreak. The group launched an online platform called Real to the People.

Her goal is to use scalable group therapy sessions as well as on-demand videos to help as many people as possible at a low cost. By keeping the expenses low, more people will be able to receive the assistance they require.

“Though effective to some, one-on-one therapy is a deeply flawed model. It is financially inaccessible to the majority of Americans, it cannot scale at a rate that matches the demonstrated need for mental health care and the experience itself is unappealing to many people. It hasn’t changed in over a hundred years. We are living in a mental health crisis, and the current system isn’t solving it.”Ariela Safira, Founder, Real

Safira not only takes after her clients, but she also cares after her own team. In order to aid with the mental health and well-being of her employees and avoid feelings of burnout, she offers a remote-first work style and is establishing a four-day workweek. The pilot programme will begin on April 1 and last until June 24. To prioritize employee mental health and well-being, all Real employees will work Monday through Thursday and Fridays will be an off for everyone.

The three-day weekend, according to Safira, is essential for mental health. Employees feel better rested, happier, engaged, and productive when they work four days a week, according to feedback from other organizations that have implemented this type of programme. Throughout the pilot, the organisation will track employee feedback and report on its findings.

Lightspeed Venture Partners led a $10 million round of funding for the New York City-based mental health firm, which drew high-profile investors such as US soccer star Megan Rapinoe, Minnesota Vikings linebacker Eric Kendricks, and actress Gwyneth Paltrow.

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