FlexJobs Shared the 25 Companies Embracing Permanent Hybrid and Remote Work


FlexJobs recently released the list of the 25 companies that have announced either hybrid or remote work arrangements for the long term. Among the names, renowned companies such as Airbnb, Hubspot, and Shopify seek to provide employees with flexible working.

Almost three years have passed since COVID-19, and companies continue to redefine their new work environments. Some have called employees back to the office. Others offered remote work as a temporary solution, but most have changed their policies to provide more flexibility. 

FlexJobs: 25 Companies Offering Permanent Remote Work

According to Sara Sutton, FlexJobs Founder and CEO, companies continue realizing how beneficial remote work is for their “business strategy, operations, and employees.” A minority of businesses are returning to the office full-time, leading many to implement remote work as a permanent policy.

These are the 25 companies with hybrid and remote work arrangements for the long term: 

1. 3M 

2. Airbnb 

3. Aquent 

4. Atlassian 

5. AWeber Communications 

6. Blackbaud 

7. Capita plc 

8. Coinbase 

9. Dropbox 

10. Fujitsu 

11. HubSpot 

12. LogMeIn 

13. Lyft 

14. Meta Platforms 

15. Okta 

16. Quora 

17. Reddit 

18. SAP 

19. Shopify 

20. Slack 

21. Spotify 

22. Square, Inc. 

23. Twitter 

24. Upwork 

25. Vista


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