71% Companies To Make Remote or Hybrid Work Permanent

Remote or hybrid work
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The 2022 Future of Work study, published today by Foundry examines how the pandemic has affected workplaces over the last two years and how organizations are preparing for the future.

Based on replies from 401 US-based business and IT decision-makers during the month of May 2022, the study was conducted.

The pandemic, according to the Foundry report, caused the majority (94 percent) of firms to switch to some kind of mixed work arrangement. Many firms claim that the hybrid model was a success, despite early concerns about how hybrid/remote work might affect employee productivity. In fact, over three-quarters (72%) of IT decision-makers think that the shift to work from home has resulted in a positive change in the way people think about remote and hybrid work.

“When lockdown began more than two years ago, businesses were left to figure out how to ensure their employees remain productive under the new, challenging circumstances. This proved largely successful and once all the benefits of working from home became apparent, they began to rethink the structure of how their entire company works.”Stacey Raap, Marketing and Research Manager, Foundry

The majority of businesses are now preparing for hybrid or remote work as a long-term fix. According to the study, 69 percent of IT decision-makers concur that the change toward working from home has an effect on how they prepare for total office space, tech personnel, and general staffing. 41 percent of respondents who were asked where they expected their employees to work in the near future replied “hybrid,” 29 percent said “office only” and 30 percent said “remote only.”

“With remote and hybrid work here to stay, it’s up to decision-makers at companies to figure out the right tools and processes needed to ensure this working model is sustainable for the long haul, and provide their employees with everything they need to do their jobs successfully. Technology vendors will be instrumental in helping IT and business leaders address these needs.”Stacey Raap, Marketing and Research Manager, Foundry

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