Ecuador Introduces Its Digital Nomad Visa


Ecuador has become the latest South American country to announce its digital nomad visa. The government introduced the two-year remote residence visa targeted at foreign nationals employed by companies outside the country. 

Argentina, Colombia, and Brazil became the recent digital nomad hotspot offering digital nomads great benefits and opportunities. And now, Ecuador is joining the list by providing digital nomads the opportunity to stay 2 years in the country.

Ecuador´s Digital Nomad Visa 

The government of Ecuador announced that the purpose of the digital nomad visa is to attract more foreign employees to the country, boosting the economy and tourism. You can maintain legal residence for as long as two years! 

Among the basic requirements, you´ll find:

  • Demonstrate income for a foreign source of at least 3 unified basic salaries per month – 3 months before the visa application. Or have 36 unified basic salaries each year. 
  • Have proof of work that shows that you work or provide service for a company or person abroad. You can also show the documentation that proves you own a company registered abroad. 
  • Have a health insurance

The visa is available for 183 countries and regions. 


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