According to Dell CEO, WFH Does Not Hinder Career Prospects


CEO and Chairman of Dell Technologies, Michael Dell, shared his opinion about hybrid and remote work environments in this latest LinkedIn Post. For him, CEOs and organizations forcing employees to return to the office “are doing it wrong.” 

A few weeks ago, recognized author Malcolm Gladwell received backlash after stating in an interview that remote work “is hurting society.” Likewise, other leaders from the tech industry think remote work harms productivity and culture. But, for Michael Dell, it’s the other way around. Forcing employees back to the office and not respecting their demands for flexibility is what harms culture. 

Michael Dell´s Opinions About Remote Work

Michael Dell began his LinkedIn post by quoting Gladwell on his thoughts about remote work. He then said that those who considered the forced hours in the office with the excuse of “culture” or “collaboration” got it all wrong. With technology, anything is possible, even building culture.

Technology’s ability to create a do-anything-from-anywhere world, where work is an outcome rather than a place or time, also enables you to create a strong corporate culture anywhere, all the time.Michael Dell

According to the tech leader, WFH benefits employees and businesses. He cited a recent Dell Technologies Breakthrough study, in which out of 10,500 people across the globe, 80% believed that remote work enabled them to work more time, achieve financial independence, and continue taking care of their loved ones. 

Additionally, some leaders argue that remote work hinders career progression, which Michael refuted by saying that in their research, they found no meaningful differences between team members working remotely or in the office, even before the pandemic. Employees were surveyed in 2022, and 90% said that everyone had the opportunity to develop and learn new skills in the organization. 

The perception of unequal opportunity is just one of the myths of hybrid work.Michael Dell


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