More Well-paid Remote Jobs By 2023

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According to a new Ladders’ report, 25% of positions paying over $80.000 will be remote jobs. 

During the first lockdown, companies struggled to safely transfer their workflow from a physical to a virtual environment. However, after a few years, employers and employees got used to remote working. 

Indeed, most people now prefer remote jobs. From better flexibility to cost-effective strategies, remote working is the most popular among employers and employees. Ladders monitored the evolution of remote jobs since the beginning of the pandemic.

According to their data, only 4% of remote jobs paid high salaries before the pandemic. At the end of 2020, numbers reached 9% and today is 15%. As the report shows, the growth rate expected will bring more well-paid remote positions in the next 12 months

In addition,’s report shows that companies can save over 32% in real estate costs. For example, insurance businesses can save an average of 47% by 2024. And financial services will save around 45%.

Also, some remote employees need essential furniture to prepare their home office. But those have affordable prices! Check them out.

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