Best Cities To Work Remotely For UK Citizens

cities work remotely UK citizens

Instaprint ranks the best cities to work remotely for UK citizens as four in ten UK employees would move away to work from another country.

A recent Instantprint study surveyed over 2,000 UK workers about their work-life balance. Over 40% of respondents believe they would be happier moving to another country working remotely. Further, most of these respondents were between 35-44-year old’s (49%).  

After the pandemic, the Russian attack, and climate change, living costs rose everywhere. Especially in the UK, expensive childcare and housing costs are highly impacting the job market. In other countries, living costs cut down up to 26% compared to most UK cities. And, 46% of respondents love to travel and think that it’s an excellent moment to change scenery. Finally, 22% believe that moving away would improve productivity working remotely. 

As a result of this survey, Instaprint ranked the best cities to work remotely for UK citizens: 

The rank for the best cities to work remotely is based on different things, from visa opportunities to taxes. After the pandemic, flexible solutions are the most popular among employees for their positive impact on mental health and work-life balance. 

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