Carmarthenshire Workers Prefer To Work Remotely

Working remotely
Photo by Jess Morgan on Unsplash

Despite the limitations coming to an end on January 28, Carmarthenshire people are more than pleased to continue working from home.

These are the results of recent study conducted by the Institute for the Future of Work’s research team.

The number of Carmarthenshire employees at the workplace was 19% fewer than during a five-week baseline period recorded before the coronavirus outbreak, thanks to Google’s location data from phones and other personal devices used to analyse trends in people’s travels.

People who could work remotely benefited from the lockdown restrictions, and many firms and workers want to keep the perks. Working from home allows workers to work more flexible hours, create a higher volume of work, and spend more time with their family.

Meanwhile, the Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service has verified that the Google data reflect their own study, which indicates that once the pandemic was gone, more than half of employers predicted an increase in remote working for part of the week.

While working from home remains popular, businesses are being encouraged to maintain regular contact with their employees on a frequent basis.

Like Carmarthenshire there are many other places in the world where despite a return to office, most employees and even companies prefer remote work over working from office. Many even plan to cut their office space. Remote work wasn’t just a remedy during the pandemic but has now become a work model of choice for many.

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