Return to the Office or Take a Pay Cut? – PacifiCorp Wants its Employees Back in the Office

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September 7, 2020, Brazil. In this photo illustration the PacifiCorp logo seen displayed on a smartphone

PacifiCorp announced last Thursday that employees must return to the office on June 1 or be willing to take a 10% pay cut to continue working remotely. 

As the vaccination rate increases and covid-19 cases reduce, some companies want their employees back in the office. Collaboration, culture, and productivity are a few reasons why employers believe having everyone back in the same places matters. On the other hand, other firms state that it’s necessary to prioritize employees’ needs before making any relevant decision. 

PacifiCorp Employees Have Two Weeks to Return to the Office

The power company sent an email to its 1,000 employees at the Lloyd District headquarters stating that they are all expected to return full-time on June 1.  The email didn’t specify that the return-to-office plan implied a pay cut for those who wished to work remotely. However, it said that employees who want to continue to work from home must enroll in the work-from-home program that comes with a 10% reduction from their salary. 

According to OregonLive, Tom Gauntt, PacifiCorp spokesperson, said in Thursday’s email that:

Positive vaccination rates coupled with lower infection rates give us confidence that office work can be safely done with appropriate provisions for social distancing and mask wearing. Managers and human resources staff are working with our employees to provide guidance, workplace safety training, and individualized plans to return to work in person.

The policy was seen as aggressive for most employees because of the short notice. Some of them have their children at home, and overall, many things to take care of.  There is still no clear reason why the company wants employees to return to the office soon. 


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