Architects and Artists Design Brussels Co-working Space

Brussels co-working space

Design gallery Maniera called 12 artists and architects to design a luxury Brussels co-working space. 

After the pandemic, most people prefer to work in flexible workplaces. As a result, new projects arise to transform open spaces and traditional buildings into alternative workstations.

Belgian design gallery Maniera decided to jump into this trend. For the latest project, 12 artists and architects designed the interiors for Silversquare Central. The Brussels co-working space is in a Modernist building from 1934. So, the 6,000 sq m space maintains the original architecture, including functional and modern elements for remote workers. 

Artists and architects worked around the theme of remote work and flexible workspace in collaboration with Doorzon Interieurarchitecten (space’s layout) and Piovenefabi (restaurant’s interiors). 

The Brussels co-working space’s design aims to combine elegance and functionality. For example, artist Christoph Hefti created colorful carpets and curtains to refresh walls after the lockdown. Or Charlotte Perriand and Eileen Gray designed a Piovenefabi curved sofa to suggest relaxation and sharing. 

The furniture will be in the gallery until May 22. And the co-working space will be a test to combine design and functionality. It’s no secret that remote workers are a new target to test initiatives to increase tourism and live the city. And the Brussels co-working space is another example of new possibilities arising around remote work and flexible schedules. 

Image source: Maniera Gallery


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