New York: New Space To Network And Work Remotely

network and work remotely

A co-working space in New York City offers a new and upgraded experience for those who want to network and work remotely.

Zero Bond celebrates its first anniversary. During the first COVID outbreak in April 2020, the co-working was supposed to open in the heart of New York. After the pandemic hit, the space officially opened last October, dealing with restrictions and temporary closing. 

A New Space To Network And Work Remotely

The space targets those who want to network and work remotely. Originally, Zero Bond was a social club. As a result of the extended quarantine, the space reinvented itself as a co-working. As people prefer hybrid and remote solutions, Zero Bond provides a space to focus and meet other professionals living in the city. 

Zero Bond’s membership is $3,000 a year, in addition to a one-time $1,000 initiation fee. Members can access any facility in the building, although drinks and food aren’t included. The idea is to create a luxury experience for remote workers and digital nomads. 

The space offers a café with natural lights and working seats. After that, members can find an atrium with a fully retractable skylight and soundproof phone booths to conduct Zoom calls. Local artists decorate the space in partnership with Noho Collective and the BLM street art movement. However, the perfect areas to network and work remotely are the salon and the lounge. Members can invite up to three guests, reserving the dining room as a conference studio or booking private dinners. 

The club’s grill restaurant offers modern American cuisine. The chef Richard Farnabe supervises the menu, next to a hidden sushi bar – the only one in New York offering an omakase menu.

Finally, luxury publisher Assouline curates Zero Bond’s library, hosting different pop-ups and talks for members. Unlike other examples, this co-working space combines various activities to offer a luxury experience to remote workers and digital nomads. Zero Bond is an alternative example of a flexible workplace targeting those who want to network and work remotely. 

Image courtesy:Zero Bond


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