Courmayeur: New Space For Skiing Digital Nomads

skiing digital nomads

Italian ski resort Courmayeur Mont Blanc launches a new space for skiing digital nomads. In partnership with digital design company Superstuff, new alpine offices are available for work and leisure in the snow. 

After a long time of restriction, most remote workers seek alternative options for long-stay traveling. As a result, Italian resort Courmayeur Mont Blanc launched a new space for skiing digital nomads. 

This new smart working initiative invites remote workers in alpine offices to ‘live-like-a-local.’ So, applicants can enjoy their ‘workation station’ between the Italian and French Alps. Local chalets became a workspace in the Skyway Monte Bianco. 

People can book a “Skyway Smart-Working Ticket.” After that, they can work from the Pavilion station 2,200 meters high. The alpine offices are fully equipped with desks and high-speed WiFi, providing various accommodation packages. In addition, there is the option of booking a meadow picnic or a meal in a local cafe.

As Mayor of Courmayeur Mont Blanc, Roberto Rota, said: “We are delighted to launch our newa smart-working initiative at Courmayeur Mont Blanc. Covid-19 has forced us to adapt, reflect on our tourism model and think long-term. So, we decided to launch a new experience that aligns with our values.

Hotels Available For Skiing Digital Nomads 

The initiative is available in the autumn and winter months. For skiing digital nomads, these are the location participating in the initiative: 

  • Auberge de la Maison: It offers alpine chalets in the heart of the valley. Here, digital nomads can work outside in the fresh mountain air in one of Auberge de la Maison’s personalized cloaks.
  • Hotel Au Coeur des Neiges: It provides private chalets. In addition, it offers a 10% discount for who wants to work with a view of the White Chain.
  • Hotel Svizzero: It provides private chalets and a small kitchen.

The new co-working space trend is taking multiple forms, with more options to work in alternative workplaces. 


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