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What Are Some Great Work From Home Blogs with Useful Resources?

Finding a remote job involves preparation, persistence, and luck, which is why you need to know where to look. The best work-from-home blogs provide comprehensive information about remote work, including job opportunities, companies that offer remote work, and tips for working remotely

These platforms have high-quality content that is well-written, informative, trustworthy, and engaging. Plus, they’re regularly updated. 

In this article, we reveal our best work-from-home blogs so you can make the right decision for your career this year.

13 Work From Home Blog Spots to Read in 2023

1. ThinkRemote 


Not to toot our own horn, but if you are looking for information about remote work, ThinkRemote is an excellent place to start. 

As a remote work news and media company, we cover every work-from-home blog topic, including finding a job, preparing for an interview, and managing your work-life balance. 

All the contributors on this platform are fully remote workers, so you get firsthand experience. There are also helpful tips for those interested in the nomadic living, such as interviews with successful digital nomads, guides, and resources.

2. The Work From Home Woman

Work From Home Woman blog

Don’t be fooled by the name. The Work From Home Woman is a blog that caters to every aspiring and active remote worker (not only women). The founder, Holly Reisem Hannah, has been working from home since 2007. 

She started the blog because she wanted to exercise her brain and make money. So she began to surf the internet for different money-making opportunities and found that most were scams. 

She then turned to a friend for advice, and this friend sold her the idea of starting her own blog. After 15 months of freelance work, The Work From Home Woman was born in 2008. 

This blog provides advice, tips, tricks, and guides on remote work. 

3. Dream Home-Based Work

Dream Home Based Work

According to the creator of this work-from-home blog, the goal is to help beginners. So, this is a good place to start if you are just getting into the remote work scene. 

This blog has a job directory where you can browse from lists of different job categories. 

You can also navigate to the “Side Cash” menu to find links to online money-making opportunities, such as answering surveys, selling on Etsy,  writing poetry, reading books, wearing clothes, and so on. 

4. Work From Home Mom Revolution

Work at Home Mom Revolution blog

Since 2007, Work From Home Mom Revolution has been helping moms start their own businesses from home and make money online. 

This work-from-home mom blog created by Lisa Mills offers tips and tricks that she has learned (often the hard way) during her decade-long career as a transcriptionist. 

She also shares knowledge from her other online ventures, like freelance writing, publishing online websites, day trading stocks, and running an online used bookstore on Amazon. That’s a lot of experience.

What’s more, you also get fresh work-at-home leads which Lisa says she shares from only sources she trusts.  

5. Work At Home No Scams

Work At Home No Scams blog

Since remote work garnered momentum, scams have sprung up left and right. All you need to do is Google “how to make money from home,” and you will be greeted by a sea of opinions (mostly bad). 

So having someone who has been making money online for a while is pretty cool. 

Work At Home No Scams is a work-from-home blogspot where  Eddy “with a Y” says he has found a legit way for you to make passive income from home.

There are guides, tutorials, and advice for navigating the online job market and finding remote jobs. You also get a resource on online job scams to avoid

6. Twin Mommy

Twin Mommy blog

Twin Mommy is another work-from-home moms blog by Elna Cain, a successful freelance writer who shares online money-making tips with moms. 

She started freelance writing when her twins were barely a year old and had no previous experience with an online business. Within six months, she made a full-time income and only worked part-time. 

So if you are also a mom who wants to build an online business, it is worth checking out. 

7. The Writer Life

The Writing Life blog

In 2013, Alexis Grant started The Writing Life, a community and publication platform that assists freelance writers. 

Various information is available on traditional publishing, freelancing, marketing, and blogging through posts, webinars, and eBooks. 

You can also make money from this blog by helping it gain traffic and backlinks.

8. Work From Home Vintage Experts

Work at Home Vintage Experts blog

Work at Home Vintage Experts reinvents freelance work for retired professionals. Through their innovative freelance resource solution for talent, retiring professionals can continue their careers working from their home offices.

9. Problogger

ProBlogger blog

Although Problogger is popular among freelance writers as a job board, it has a blog. This blog aims to teach other bloggers how to blog, share their experiences, and promote blogging.

The founder, Darren Rowse, started the blog in September 2004 mainly because it was a way for him to keep track of what he was learning about blogging. 

Also, he hoped to connect with other bloggers who make money from their blogs.

Since then, he has published over 8000 articles, tips, tutorials, and case studies. He also started a podcast in 2015 for those who prefer listening.

10. Search Evaluator Blog

Search Evaluator Blog

Interested in learning more about work-from-home opportunities? Visit the search evaluator blog by Lion-bridge and Appen. Initially launched in 2018, this resource provided information about search engine evaluation. 

Their focus is on guiding entry-level work-from-home job seekers without prior experience.

11. Home Business Magazine

Home Business Magazine Blog

The Home Business Magazine dates back to 1994, making it one of the oldest blogs on this list. In terms of size, it is the largest website that targets the USD 1 trillion home-based business market. Topics covered include raising money, financial management, telecommuting, and business operations.

12. FlexJobs Blog

FlexJobs blog

FlexJobs offers remote and flexible job searches. Its blog discusses remote work topics such as job searching, productivity, and team management. You can find great job advice on this platform and fantastic content to read.

The FlexJobs website also offers a blog where you can read articles about remote work and work-life balance tips.

13. Doist Blog

Doist blog

Doist developed Todoist, one of the most popular productivity tools. There is a section of their blog dedicated to remote work stories featuring interviews with people who have made the transition successfully.

Join the Remote Workforce Seamlessly

As the remote work revolution continues, more people want to work from home. But making the shift to remote work or starting your career as a remote worker will be even better with the appropriate information.

The best work-from-home blog spots are invaluable as they are filled with firsthand experiences of people working remotely. 

There are hundreds of work-from-home blogs, but the thirteen on our list are great places to get you started. 


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