Back to the Office in 2023?

return to office 2023

According to different studies, 90% of companies want to go back to the office in 2023. Is it possible?

Since the pandemic, most companies have switched to remote working, and flexible arrangements remain the norm so far. Despite most employees preferring remote work flexibility and several companies opting for co-working to cut costs, the new year might mean the end of this flexibility. According to, over 66% of employers currently require that employees report to an office. And 90% of buinesses and companies will require employees to go back to the office in 2023. 

For employees, in-person work brings benefits and disadvantages. For example, they will need to consider additional costs to commute, as well as considering childcare. According to the survey, most companies will require going in-person arrangements for new hires and positions. 

As the pandemic hit came down, people are starting to go back to old habits, and commuting to work. While some prefer flexibility, others miss the social aspect of work. And believe that it’s important to implement in-person appointment to grow professionally. 

If most companies want to go back to the office in 2023, next year will be a test to see new work arrangements. 


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