Financial Staffers Prefer Remote Work Environments 

financial staffers remote work environments

MFM Survey released a new study: financial staffers prefer remote work environments.

After the end of restrictions, the workforce was divided between returning to the office and working from home

The Media Financial Management Association (MFM) investigated the debate surveying medical financial staff in September 2022.

As MFM President and CEO Joe Annotti said: “The workplace environment and hiring, retention, motivation issues come up in almost every conversation I have with financial executives in every part of the media industry.” 

The Association surveyed in comparison with MediaVillage’s The Myers Report to have a broader view of employees’ preferences. 

Key takeaways on financial staffers and remote work environments:

  • 89.5% of MFM members and 99.6% of MediaVillage respondents stated they primarily work from home. 
  • Responding to expected scenarios, 91.2% of MFM members expect to work remotely mostly, and only 14% expect to work onsite. In comparison, 99.5% of MediaVillage respondents said they think they work remotely sometimes or always. But 23.4% said they didn’t expect to work onsite in the next future.
  • About the general preferences, 91.2% of MFM respondents would prefer to work most of the time remotely, and 99.6% of MediaVillage respondents were nearly unanimous (99.6%) would also choose to work from home. 

According to these surveys, medical financial staffers prefer remote work environments. Most employees would be happy to meet onsite but work at home. And this scenario is likely to stay in the future.


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