Aruba Invites Remote Workers And Their Dogs to Island “Paradise”

Aruba remote workers
Photo by devn on Unsplash

Aruba is allowing remote employees to use their island “paradise” and bring their dogs along.

The One Happy Workation program, run by the Aruba Tourist Authority, invites citizens of the United States to “work, play, and stay” for up to three months. According to the website, they also receive exclusive discounts, complimentary WiFi, breakfast, all-inclusive food and beverage selections, and more.

Here’s what the CMO of Aruba Tourism Authority said to Travel + Leisure.

“We recognize the desire to travel safely and have noticed a rising trend of visitors in Aruba extending their stays, so we knew the appetite for longer trips was growing. With many Americans working remotely, we curated the best workation experiences and deals to make it easier to not only work from paradise, but also experience living like a local. With Aruba’s perfect location under the hurricane belt, our ‘One happy island’ comes with peace of mind that sunny, warm weather is practically guaranteed.” Sanju Luidens, CMO, Aruba Tourism Authority

One simply needs to have a remote job and a valid passport to be a part of the program.

According to the website:

“As a visitor in Aruba, you are not allowed to render services to and receive income from an Aruban company or individual, as this requires a work or business permit. In addition, you may not perform work that include any activities that are illegal in Aruba.”

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