Argentina Expects to Host 22,000 Digital Nomads by 2023

Buenos Aires

Argentina is on its way to becoming a top digital nomad destination in Latin America. In a recent press release, Inprotur – National Insitute for Tourism Promotion of Argentina – highlighted that it’s becoming a great destination for digital nomads due to the country’s affordability and diversity. Argentina expects to receive over 22,000 digital nomads by 2023. 

In 2021, Buenos Aires was ranked as the best city in Latin America for digital nomads, according to a report by Nestpick. The study analyzed factors such as digital connectivity, legal stay, costs of living, safety, weather, culture, and leisure.

Argentina: Top Digital Nomad Destination

Argentina was in lockdown for most of 2020 and had several restrictions for foreigners during 2021. However, 2022 is a different story, and the nation has dropped all entry requirements. Digital nomads can enter without the COVID-19 test and with or without vaccines. 

By 2023 the country will become the new temporary home of 22,000 remote workers. In terms of visas, foreigners can stay up to 90 days and can apply for an extension to stay longer. Last year the government of Buenos Aires created an alliance with Airbnb and 40 other local hotels to work on a special project to host digital nomads. 

Additionally, Buenos Aires hosted the first digital nomad conference in Latin America – NomadsBA – where professionals and experienced digital nomads gave advice, tips, and information about this lifestyle. 

Buenos Aires authorities confirmed they are working with the government to create a special visa for digital nomads to stay for 1 year legally. 

According to the Secretary-General and Foreign Affairs of the City of Buenos Aires, Fernando Straface:

“The cities that leave the pandemic behind have strategies to reactivate the tourism economy. In the region, Buenos Aires is an attractive capital for digital nomads due to the life quality it offers, its cultural offer and its diversity, and also for its entrepreneurial ecosystem and human capital. These are attributes that nomads take into account when choosing a destination where they can settle temporarily.”


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