NomadsBA: The First Digital Nomads Conference in Latin America Took Place in Argentina


The Buenos Aires City Government hosted the first conference for digital nomads in Latin America. The event took place in Usina del Arte, in La Boca, Buenos Aires, on the past 26th and 27th of November. They were speakers from different parts of the world who participated in the conference, discussing various topics and situations they have experienced as digital nomads. 

Argentina is well known as a country of immigrants because of its diversity. And many foreigners fall in love with the country because of everything it offers, from great landscapes and nature to vibrant cities such as Buenos Aires. Moreover, Buenos Aires was baptized as ‘’the city of fury’’ by one of its most famous rock singers Gustavo Cerati. And it was recently recognized by The Work-from-Anywhere-Index as the best city for digital nomads in Latin America. 

NomadsBA: Some of Its Key Speakers 

NomadsBA, besides hosting the first digital nomad’s conference in Latin America, also created the Nomads Week that consisted of a full week from November 22 to the 25th filled with activities for digital nomads. From photo walks to yoga classes, digital nomads submerged and enjoyed a full experience of Argentine culture. 

The week finished with the NomadsBA conference that was on the 26th and 27th. The event had all sorts of speakers. On Friday, some of the key speakers that discussed important topics were:

1. Mariano Ruiz – Diversity 

Mariano Ruiz NomadsBA

Mariano defined Buenos Aires as ‘’one of the most diverse cities in Latin America.’’ During his talk, he shared his passion for defending the human rights of the LGBT+ community. He strongly emphasized how the city continues to implement a series of different policies that protect that LGBT+ community.  

2. Matt Bowles –  The Real Reasons to Start an Interview Podcast

Matt Bowles

Matt Bowles is a partner in the Maverick Investor Group and the host of The Maverick Show podcast. He is a digital nomad and has traveled all over the world, visiting 65 countries. He shared his story about how he started his digital nomad journey in Buenos Aires 8 years ago.

During his talk, he shared why, as a digital entrepreneur having a podcast is beneficial; from networking and relationship building to building a loyal fanbase.

3. Nomads Experiences Panel 

Digital nomads experiences

Three digital nomads shared their experiences about becoming digital nomads, the good, the bad, and the ugly. They also gave valuable tips for those who want to become digital nomads (or work remotely) on convincing their boss to do it. These are some of the main highlights each of them said.

Cristian Garavito – She has been a location-independent translator for over 10 years and has traveled to more than 40 countries. One of her most valuable pieces of advice to digital nomads was regarding the importance of choosing locations. As digital nomads, you need to choose places that will allow you to work successfully. So, it’s important to separate work locations from vacation locations.

“Being a digital nomad helped me learn to adapt to all kinds of situations. It also helped me to become more empathic towards other people.” 

Carlos Olivos – Carlos is the Head of Communications at Airbnb and a devoted digital nomad. He shared how he began his digital nomad transformation in the pandemic traveling with his fiance and dogs through Mexico to avoid being in the city under strict lockdown. One of his most valuable pieces of advice was regarding remote management and his perspective on remote leadership. He said that the pillars to succeed as both remote leader and employer were: Communication, accountability, and planning. 

“If you want your boss to let you work from home, you need to prove that you’re reliable. It’s all about accountability and communication. And by accountability I mean, making sure that you’re accountable and responsible for that specific task, project, and goal. What matters is not if you worked from 9 am to 5 pm. What matters are results.”

Germán Sturzenneger – He has been a digital nomad over the past 4 years. He works for a big corporation that recently became more flexible due to the pandemic and made it easier for him to travel as a digital nomad. He said that the best part of being a digital nomad was working at locations that made you happy and productive. 

“I always want to stay productive and connected. For me, it’s crucial to work on places that contribute to my personal growth.”

For more information about NomadsBA, you can visit their official website


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