Sierra Commons: Accelerator Program for Tech Companies 

Sierra Commons won a Community and Economic Resiliency Grant to launch a new Business Accelerator Program for tech companies. 

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Nevada City has been one of the most vibrant cities in attracting remote workers. As a result, the area is a dynamic hub for startups and IT businesses. 

So, the Nevada County Board of Supervisors selected the local nonprofit group Sierra Commons as one of three grant recipients to contribute to the regional economic development. The co-working group will establish an innovation hub focussing on outreach and networking. Furthermore, the Accelerator Program for tech companies and startups will provide an advisory panel with industry-specific professionals.

While the Nevada County aims to keep attracting remote workers to relocate, the no-profit wants to create new opportunities for growing businesses. As Sierra Commons Executive Director Robert Trent said: “As the Business Accelerator program grows, so will opportunities for tech entrepreneurship — allowing career mobility for younger people entering the workforce, women interested in high-tech jobs, long-time residents and newcomers alike.” 

The Business Accelerator Program for tech companies will support high-tech innovators to grow scalable businesses by the end of 2024 – creating new job opportunities. Offering several co-working memberships, Sierra Commons is one of the best locations to network and access professional equipment to grow a tech business.


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