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Charleston announced a new worker relocation incentive program on Wednesday. The program is called “The Charleston Roots Initiative” and it aims to bring remote workers to Charleston. These remote workers can continue with their current remote jobs while living in Charleston.

Who can Apply to Charleston’s Worker Relocation Incentive Program?

Applicants must,

  • Be 18 years of age or older.
  • Presently live outside a 50-mile radius of Charleston.
  • Be full-time employed remote workers or a persons seeking to fill a high-demand job within Charleston’s key industries.

According to Charleston’s Worker Relocation Incentive Program, the key industries are manufacturing, public sector, nursing, medical, technology and programming. However, if an applicant works outside these industries, the selection committee will review and consider the application if that industry is key to Charleston’s economy.

What does the Incentive Package Include?

The incentive package includes,

  • A payment of up to $5,000 ($2,500 to be paid upon verification of the local address and full-time remote employment, and the remaining $2,500 to be paid six months after the first disbursement of funds).
  • Mentorship and networking opportunities.
  • Memberships tailored to applicants’ lifestyles.
  • $1,000 for West Virginians who recruit a family member or friend to return to Charleston.

“With the rise in remote working opportunities and West Virginia’s impressive COVID-19 response, Charleston possesses a great opportunity for business and talent growth. People are already choosing Charleston’s low cost of living and access to recreation, dining and unique experiences, and this program provides an added incentive for those considering the move.”Steve Rubin, Interim President of The Charleston Area Alliance

This Worker Relocation Incentive Program aims at attracting more remote workers to choose Charleston as their living destination as it has a lot to offer in terms of benefits and overall recreation.

“Charleston is uniquely positioned to provide big-city amenities while also being a mecca for outdoor recreation. Remote workers can come to Charleston and live affordably and find activities to fit every lifestyle. We are also excited to work with companies looking to engage those in high-demand positions.”Mayor Amy Shuler Goodwin

The Worker Relocation Incentive Program application is available on alliance’s website. Those who fit the eligibility criteria and wish to relocate to Charleston can apply. The incentive program is limited to one award per household.

The incentive program is quite attractive! With so many states and cities taking the remote work relocation initiative by providing incentives, there is a lot for any remote worker to choose from! While West Virginia’s paid remote working initiative received 2000 applications last week, with time we will know if Charleston’s incentive program also garners as much attention.

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