The Worker-for-Hire App Goes Remote! 

worker-for-hire app

The worker-for-hire app TaskRabbit goes fully remote.

After the pandemic, most managers switched to full remote management from universities to companies. The worker-for-hire app TaskRabbit is now joining the trend. 

The app helps people find quick online jobs – what Uber does for drivers. Last Monday, the company announced that they would go fully remote. The plan is to permanently close any office location, starting from San Francisco headquarters.

The worker-for-hire app already had a remote-first policy. Unlike companies like Twitter or Slack, they decided to opt for fully remote models. In 2021, their workforce was distributed across different hubs – including San Francisco, London, and Austin, Texas.

Team members can still meet once a month in person. And they encourage people living close by to think of collaborations or meet-ups. However, on-site work isn’t required anymore. Finally, the worker-for-hire app will offer two “Wellness Weeks.” They already provide unlimited paid time off to help people recharge.

The official decision to close the office came after a new COVID wave in the US. The virus is creating several challenges for those who want to return to the office. Even Apple had to postpone the official date because of it. 

As a result, most companies are stinking to fully switch remotely and abandon their offices, promoting alternative strategies to engage among team members. The worker-for-hire app adds up to the list, providing another example of alternative workplaces. 


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