Wojo Creates Alternative Remote Work Locations

remote work locations

According to Wojo, remote work locations will include all kinds of spaces in the future. From parks to train stations and airports to shopping malls, remote workers will find alternative workplaces everywhere. 

As a result, the brand partners with Accor Hotels and French real estate group Bouygues Immobilier to promote new remote work locations. Last summer, Wojo converted a football stadium into a dynamic hub for remote workers and digital nomads. In addition, the brand opened a co-working space inside a Relay convenience store at Annemasse train station (France).  

Now, Wojo is dealing with other partners like Lagardere to create remote work spots in airports, duty-free shops, and commercial centers.

As Wojo, Head of Development Lenaic Bezin said: “They need to reinvent themselves in this digital world. What is the experience in a shopping mall of tomorrow? Lots of companies are asking questions. They want to multiply the contact points they have with clients, and when it comes to work, we go every day — it’s a way of attracting people.”

In addition, these new remote work locations are meant to fit into a more sustainable style of life. For example, European Commission its Fit for 55 climate change proposals promotes traveling on trains instead of flights. So, Wojo is looking for more locations to duplicate the French project. The next co-working will be in Paris in collaboration with developer Jean Turon.

The remote work location is near the Saint-Lazare train station, close to offices and open workplaces. The brand aims to create more spaces worldwide, promoting a new approach to remote work locations. 


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