Vodafone Fiji Offers New Remote Work Solution

Remote work solution
Photo by Matthew Buchanan on Unsplash

Vodafone Fiji has announced a cloud-based business solution called Vodafone Teams Connect.

According to Vodafone Fiji chief commercial officer Ronald Prasad, this solution came up as Microsoft Teams Direct Routing service was unavailable for the Fiji region.

“Vodafone collaborated with Comms Group to enable direct routing access to Microsoft’s nearest point of presence, allowing Vodafone Fiji Microsoft Teams users to connect directly to public telephony networks. The solution adds high definition calling capability to and from the public telephony networks, directly from the Teams interface and enables complete functionality of a traditional PBX, without the need for a physical PBX in the network.”Ronald Prasad, Chief Commercial Officer, Vodafone Fiji

Remote teams need to stay connected and have access to their work-related apps. With the new remote work solution, employees can easily respond to chats and join meetings with just one click.

According to the Core Networks Manager, Dinesh Raj, Vodafone Fiji is constantly enhancing its ICT solutions portfolio to help remote businesses with digital transformation.

“We are working on expanding similar Teams Connect services for our operating companies in the Pacific region and are glad to be working alongside Comms Group, who have the necessary knowledge, experience and industry best practices in terms of providing plug-ins for Microsoft Teams Direct Routing to connect to public telephony networks.”Dinesh Raj, Core Networks Manager, Vodafone Fiji

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