Greece & Digital Nomads: Tourism Ministry & Visa Reach Agreement


Vassilis Kikilias, Greece´s Tourism Minister, reached an agreement with Visa to provide transaction data between the Ministry of Tourism and Visa. This will help promote the country as a great destination for digital nomads. 

Greece has focused on becoming a favorable destination for digital nomads during the past year. The country continues receiving digital nomad applications, and it´s focusing on improving crucial aspects such as Wi-Fi connectivity. 

Agreement Between Visa and Greece

The Ministry of Tourism in Greece and Visa discussed different ways to cooperate and help the country build a strong digital nomad visa scheme. 

The agreement ensures the acquisition of valuable data regarding the development of the tourism sector in the country. Visa will help build a 12-month analysis of tourist spending in Greece made from international visa cards. 

According to Greece´s Minister of Tourism: 

 “As tourism is an important part of the country’s GDP and a leading sector in terms of investments, it is important to formulate a policy based on data. In this regard, we welcome our cooperation with Visa as it will significantly enhance our policy-making capabilities for tourism product design,” 


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