​​The University of Iowa Prioritizes In-person Work 

prioritize in-person work

Unlike other US universities, the University of Iowa will prioritize in-person work for faculty staff. 

Recently, the University released the 2022 Future of Work@Iowa final report. According to the report, faculty and staff-related practices must prioritize in-person work over remote and hybrid options. 

The Future of Work pilot program started in 2021. The aim was to evaluate and implement flexible work policies and practices to cope with the COVID-19 outbreak. After the pandemic, the University begins prioritize in-person work again. 

Flexible arrangements are still possible. However, staff and faculty members must align with University’s priorities first. So, remote, hybrid work, or alternative schedules are allowed only when aligned with the University’s core mission: 

  • Enhance the student experience
  • Improve services
  • Redirect resources
  • Support employee recruitment and/or retention

As a result, for staff members will be easier to access flexible arrangements than faculty members, as they need to be present to teach classes. Flexibility is always an option, but it won’t be the norm. 

In addition, the report mentions the option of creating more co-working spaces on campus for students and staff.

In conclusion, the University of Iowa wants to prioritize in-person work for staff and faculty members. The University policy has always been very flexible in terms of schedule and teaching. However, after two years of pandemic, the report highlights the importance of providing physical services for students. 


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