New Iowa University Co-working Space

Iowa University co-working space

As part of the campus initiative to reexamine remote polity, the university committee opens the first Iowa University co-working space. As a result, remote and hybrid employees can hold meetings and work between appointments on campus.

Most US universities are testing new arrangements to increment work-from-home models. Since 2021, the University of Iowa has been committed to gathering data on work policies. With over 18.000 employees, the university’s flexible work program will run for the upcoming year involving college and departments. 

The Iowa University co-working space will provide: 

  • Meeting rooms
  • Tech equipment (printers, cameras, microphones, streaming hardware, etc.)

The co-working space is located in a mall. As a result, university members have dining options downstairs, parking, and a kitchenette. Some departments were considering hotels and other locations to launch the co-working space. However, the mall offers a more flexible plan and doesn’t require reservation-based seating arrangements.

The co-working space aims to encourage organic collaboration and work flexibility while maintaining a connection with the campus. The pilot co-working will provide data on flexible work arrangements to improve remote work programs and retain employees. Following the example of other universities, the Iowa University co-working space is the first step toward new work arrangements. 


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