The University of Arkansas Goes For Remote Models

University of Arkansas remote models

The University of Arkansas opted for remote models following several concerns about the coronavirus. Last Wednesday, Faculty members approved a resolution to leave the option of working and teaching from home. 

Following other universities’ examples, the University of Arkansas expands its remote models. Back in April 2020, the faculty senate switched to remote models after the first case of coronavirus. For this semester, the university aimed to increase face-to-face interactions. Teachers started full classes on August 23. 

After a few days, positive cases increased among students and employees. According to University data, cases reached 138 people in a couple of days. These 19 new cases lead the University member to switch again to remote work models. During an online meeting, the university’s faculty senate approved remote models. The aim is to prevent and contain the spread of the virus. 

President and vice president of the UA-Fayetteville Education Association, Schulte and Michael Pierce, sponsored the resolution. They are part of Local 965, a union for supporting university employees that want to work from home. 

Since some students aren’t vaccinated, the faculty senate approved remote work models to protect students and employees. Each case is individual, and employees can choose the model that suits them best. As Martin, UA’s interim provost said: “Once that’s determined, then that office works with a supervisor […] in trying to determine what is the best accommodation, reasonable accommodation for that individual.”

Students have to follow the model their teacher chooses. The process still requires adjustments to guarantee all courses from a distance. However, the University of Arkansas opted for remote work models for the upcoming year. Even with vaccination campaigns at full speed, remote work is one of the safest options for students and teachers.  


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