Brown University Announces New Remote Work Policy

remote work policy

Brown University updates its remote work policy. Most remote employees will return to campus full-time before the beginning of the fall 2021 semester. Some employees are allowed to continue with hybrid models. 

The Future of Work Steering Committee released the criteria for remote workers and on-site employees. Since March, the group crafts and manages the University’s remote work policy. The committee gives the criteria to determine who is eligible for remote work. 

Brown University Remote Work Policy

According to the official outlines, here are the general guidelines to continue work remotely: 

  • Necessary work equipment;
  • Lack of active disciplinary actions;
  • Recent ‘satisfactory’ or high performance.

Booth hybrid or remote eligibility needs employees’ supervisor and University Human Resources approval. On the other hand, guidance to supervisors to determine remote/hybrid eligibility can be different – as long as the work is reported. 

The previous University’s new Alternative Work Assignments policy for hybrid options will incorporate the new remote work policies.

As President Christina Paxson states: “Maintaining Brown’s strong sense of community and our collaborative environment is a priority as we plan for the year ahead. However, we are creating the possibility for some jobs to be done in a hybrid or remote fashion when we can be certain that alternative ways of working will not negatively affect academic or administrative operations or disrupt the ability of others to do their work.”

Following other universities’ examples, Brown’s remote work policy opts for a hybrid model to combine on-site and remote activities.


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