Union Supports Remote Work Only if Employer Covers Expenses


The SSSH Union Federation in Croatia supports remote work policies to avoid the rapid spread of COVID-19. However, the organization announced that employees should consent to remote work and that employers should cover all new expenses that arise from working from home.

Many countries and governments are announcing its 2022 new remote work policies that are taking place because of Omicron. In Croatia, the national COVID response team encourages teams to work from home to avoid the circulation in public transport and avoid a new lockdown. 

Union is Fighting for Employees Remote Working Rights

During a press conference this week, SSSH said that although they support what the national COVID response team is doing, there are changes that need to be made. 

“The new decision entirely ignores contractual relations and the rights of the other side, workers.”

The Union federation calls on the government and employers to respect the valid legal framework that oversees contracts for the type of work that protects employees and provides allowances to cover the costs that result from working from home. Employers should not pass on the cost of their business operations to their employees and their families. 

With these new legislative solutions, SSSH adds that working remotely has to be voluntary and agreed mutually between the employer and the employee. Employees, additionally, should have all the necessary resources to perform their tasks successfully. 


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