In the UK, Employees Could Have The Right to Ask For Remote Work When Starting a New Job


In the UK, new legislation will allow employees the right to ask for remote work when starting a new job. Currently, they can ask to work from home after 6 months in the company. But for small businesses minister Kevin Hollinrake, this legislation will allow businesses to have happier and productive employees. 

Since the pandemic, companies, and countries have defined different policies to support the latest remote work demands. In the UK, with this new legislation, millions of workers will have the right to demand remote work from day one of their new job. 

The Right to Demand Remote Work

The government wants to enable more flexibility to improve work-life balance for all employees. Employees can demand to work from home after six months in a new job, but this is about to change in the UK. 

For minister Kevin Hollinrake:

“Giving staff more say over their working pattern makes for happier employees and more productive businesses. Put simply, it’s a no-brainer. Greater flexibility over where, when, and how people work is an integral part of our plan to make the UK the best place in the world to work.’

However, not all agree. Former Tory leader Sir lain Duncan Smith said there’s no evidence for what Mr.Hollinrake is saying. According to Smith, small businesses might face issues as they would face difficulties getting certain jobs done as people will say, “I’m heading off home.”

Trades Union Congress boss Frances O’Grady said that remote work should be available for everyone. That’s what makes it easier for parents to work and close the gender pay gap and give job opportunities to people with disabilities. 


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