UBS Will Allow Employees Who Don’t Want to Get Vaccinated Work From Home


UBS Group CEO Ralph Hammer announced that those employees who don’t want to receive a vaccine against coronavirus could apply to work from home. In June, the bank had revealed its new hybrid work model. And currently, they continue using different flexible approaches that take into consideration delicate matters such as the vaccine. 

Most of the companies in the banking sector in the US asked their employees to return to the office. JP Morgan and Stanley Morgan CEOs defended that remote work is not viable in the long term. UBS, the giant Swiss bank, takes a completely different approach. Not only are they implementing a hybrid work structure, but they are also allowing unvaccinated employees to stay home. 

What UBS CEO Say About Remote Work

There are still many employees who don’t want to get vaccinated for different reasons. As the delta variant keeps threatening the onsite work status of many businesses, most brands are making vaccination mandatory for all employees.

UBS, Switzerland’s largest bank has taken a different approach when it comes to vaccination. 

Hammer said during the Swiss Economic Forum:

We have 25,000 employees alone in the U.S. and thousands more in Singapore and Hong Kong, and every country has a different legal framework around what you can and can’t make mandatory. The pandemic has delivered solutions to manage the risk of carrying the virus and passing it to your colleagues, which is to work from home.

With the infection rate more stable in Switzerland, the government has stopped requiring proof of vaccination. Only about 52% of the population in the country is fully vaccinated. Hamers highlighted in the conference that those employees who choose non-vaccination would have the option to work remotely. 


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