Twitter Shuts Offices in India, Asks Employees to Work Remotely

Twitter Remote Work
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Twitter Inc. has closed two of its three India offices and instructed its workers to work remotely, as reported by NDTV.

According to persons with knowledge of the situation, Twitter closed its operations in Mumbai and New Delhi, the financial and political capitals of India. Late last year, Twitter terminated more than 90% of its 200+ employees there.

According to the sources, who not to be named because the information is private, the business is still running a Bengaluru office in the southern tech capital of India that mostly employs engineers.

In a drive to stabilize Twitter’s finances by late 2023, billionaire Chief Executive Officer Musk has sacked employees and closed offices throughout the globe. Yet for American software behemoths like Meta Platforms Inc. and Google, who are placing long-term investments on the fastest-growing internet market in the world, India is seen as a key growth area. According to Musk’s most recent actions, the market is less important to him right now.

Following the $44 billion acquisition, Twitter has been sued by several contractors for unpaid services, has not paid millions of dollars in rent for its San Francisco headquarters and London locations, and has auctioned off everything from bird statues to espresso makers to earn money.

Musk has also publicly discussed going bankrupt, citing a “massive drop” in revenues as a result of advertisers leaving because of uncertainty about Twitter’s capacity to screen out objectionable content. Significant bugs and outrages have also occurred on the platform, most notably earlier last month.

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