Tulsa´s Remote Work Program Reaches 2,000 Members


The Tulsa Remote program, one of the US largest remote work programs, recently reached 2,000 members. The program started in 2018, but it had its highest peak due to the pandemic and the need for people seeking a different lifestyle. 

In November 2018, Tulsa Remote started with only 70 participants. Currently, the program reached 2,000 professionals who moved to the city.

Tulsa Remote

The Tulsa Remote program, to incentivize remote workers to move to the city, offers them $10,000 and access to coworking space as well as community-building opportunities. 

Justin Harlan, managing director for Tulsa Remote, said that he hopes the program will continue to grow to attract more remote workers and benefit the city.

A report highlighted that Tulsa remote brought over $62 million in local earnings as well as created approximately 600 jobs in 2021. 


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