Local Nonprofit For Musicians’ Business Skills 

musicians business skills

Local nonprofit Tulsa Creative Engine launches a new program to improve musicians’ business skills. 

The program aims to teach musicians management and business skills to boost their careers on digital platforms. The idea is to join the co-working space trend to create a Tulsa hub for music.

The program for musicians’ business skills will start with 9 artists. Participants will learn new skills around management; business; and digital platforms. So, the business accelerator program aims to teach how to be entrepreneurs and scale their businesses.

As executive director Chris Davis says: “We have to have programs like this because the artists that are the most successful are not just the ones that are most talented. They’re the ones that have all of the resources; have the mentors; have the network; or have people or organizations actively investing in them and committed to their success.” 

To recap, the accelerator program for musicians includes a series of workshops focussing on: 

  • Business models 
  • Marketing
  • Accounting
  • Copyright and music production legislation 
  • Publishing

The accelerator program for musicians lasts six weeks. Furthermore, artists will receive $5,000 to invest in their music careers. From indie pop to rap, the program supports different styles and genres of music. 

To conclude, the program will end in August with a big concert. The initiative for musicians’ business skills attracted over 50 applications. And the local nonprofit hopes to organize another session, including creative managers; photographers; and production and makeup artists. So, following the co-working trend, the idea is to create a hub that includes all music industry professionals. 


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