Triangle Startup Guide For Students And Entrepreneurs

Triangle Startup Guide

WRAL TechWire launches a Triangle Startup Guide. In short, the program is a timely resource package for those who want to start growing a business in the Triangle area.

The Triangle Startup Guide is an excellent opportunity for beginner student-entrepreneurs. As a result, the initiative targets startups in the process of creating a prototype of their projects. Held on January 27-30, the winners of the competition will gain respectively: 

  • $2,000 for the first applicant.
  • $1,000 for the runner-up. 
  • $500 for the third-place winner.

So, the competition targets a list of applicants seeking an alternative exposure to traditional seed rounds

Activities of The Triangle Startup Guide: 

In conclusion, the registration deadline for students is on January 16. In addition, the organization updates the Triangle Startup Guide every week. And students can access record of past sessions using this contact form.

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