10 Top EU Cities For Digital Nomads in 2023

EU cities digital nomads

Home2Go releases a study ranking the 10 top EU cities for digital nomads in 2023. 

After the pandemic, most people opted to work abroad for longer. Since then, rankings about the best destinations for digital nomads and remote workers have been popping up.

Now, the marketplace for vacation rentals has released its findings about the top-ranking cities for the upcoming year. 

As for other rankings, Home2go considers factors like the number of co-working spaces; rated touristic attractions; average costs for accommodations; Internet speed; transport, and mobility. 

Here are the 10 top cities for digital nomads in Europe:

  1. Lisbon (Portugal)
  2. Madrid (Spain)
  3. Lyon (France)
  4. Bristol (UK)
  5. Paris (France)
  6. Dublin (Ireland)
  7. Amsterdam (Netherlands)
  8. Barcelona (Spain)
  9. Porto (Portugal)
  10. Frankfurt (Germany)

As people change their working habits, they look at other things when planning a trip. And this ranking of EU cities for digital nomads represents this growing trend. 


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