Best Cities for Co-working

best cities co-working

New study releases the best cities for co-working. 

It’s no secret that most people embraced flexible schedules after the pandemic. As a result, some remote workers started to relocate for a short or long time to work and live in new places. 

Following this trend, the company Business Name Generator studied over 50 cities worldwide. Considering factors like the number of available desks and average prices, the company ranked the best destinations for co-working. 

According to their studies, London is one of the most popular destinations for remote professionals. Despite having the highest search volume for monthly co-working spaces, the city offers over 1,322 co-working spaces. However, the average price is $308/month per desk, which circumscribes the target. On the other hand, cities like Singapore and Berlin are highly popular, offering over 214 and 192 spaces, respectively. In addition, these cities are more affordable than London – average costs are $175 for Singapore and$210 for Berlin.

Here is the ranking of the 15 best cities for co-working:

1 – London

2 – Singapore

3 – Berlin

4 – Bangkok

5 – Toronto

6 – Chicago

7 – Montreal

8 – Barcelona

9 – Madrid

10 – Copenhagen

11 – Dubai

12 – Amsterdam

13 – Los Angeles

14 – Paris

15 – San Francisco

The best cities for co-working are everywhere, showing a growing tendency to find new places to travel and work.


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