Apple And Indian iOS Developers Team Up For Remote Workers

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This year, the WWDC21 (Worldwide Developer Conference) focuses on remote work. From June 7-11, the conference will open to 30 million Apple developers from 227 regions worldwide. Indian iOS developers could learn about the future of iOS, iPad, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS operating platforms.

After a year of pandemic, Apple released newly upgraded tools to improve the remote work experience. As vaccination campaigns move forward, employees are slowly going back to offices worldwide. Yet, virtual projects and distributed teams are still on the run. As a result, new software and tools are coming up to boost productivity working from home

Indian iOS Developers And Apple Release New Tools For Remote Workers

During the pandemic, apps and software became crucial to keep working from home. Indian developers are now relying on Apple features and services to stay connected to their workspace and colleagues.

Indian Apple WWDC students’ scholarship winner, Mustafa Yusuf, created “Tasks: To-Do Lists & Reminders.” The app targets remote workers and helps people plan, organize and collaborate in virtual projects.

As Yusuf states: “The teams at Apple have been extremely fundamental to the success of Tasks. App Store features globally have driven organic growth and contribute to higher visibility which, otherwise, would have been hard to achieve in a competitive category.”

Winner of the Apple Design Award 2018, Raja Vijayaraman created an app called ‘Calzy.’ The new ‘Lumy’ app allows users to capture high-quality visuals. The software enables users to anticipate the best-lighting conditions and shows the weather information two days in advance.

The ‘mirrAR‘ app, by Akhil Tolani, is a real-time virtual try-on application for the jewelry industry. Offering a wide range of jewelry options, the app efficiently connects consumers and platforms. 

Developers highly benefit from Apple’s environment and culture to develop their projects. This year’s conference features over 200 in-depth sessions, one-on-one labs, and more. Unlike the past years, WWDC21 allows open access to Apple engineers and designers to learn about the latest tools and technologies. Finally, Apple Developer Programme members can request one-on-one lab consultations with over 1,000 Apple experts.

While Apple upgrades its tools for remote workers, Indian iOS developers discover new software to improve the remote work experience. 


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