The Debate Around Remote Work Continues In Hong Kong

The ongoing debate surrounding hybrid and remote work models does not seem to be over.

This was revealed in the latest survey by Morgan McKinley as part of their Global Workplace Guide.

The survey found that employers and employees in Hong Kong showed divergent expectations towards hybrid or remote work.

While 91% of companies in Hong Kong are urging staff to return to office, 80% of workers prefer to continue working remotely.

The study gathered insights by surveying over 3,400 professionals and 650 hiring managers globally.

Plus, they found that professionals working in hybrid models expressed the highest contentment with their work patterns.

40% were willing to forego pay raises for their desired flexibility.

On the other hand, 56% of respondents who work onsite every day are the ones most actively looking for a new job in the next six months.

This is higher compared to hybrid employees (41%) and fully remote employees (44%).

Additionally, they discovered 55% of professionals in Hong Kong preferred to work three to four days in the office. A further 21% selected one to two days.

Only 20% of employees are happy to be in the office for the full five working days.

Despite employee preferences, 56% of companies globally and 91% in Hong Kong, are urging staff to increase their in-office presence.

Finally, 27% of hiring managers highlighted the importance of flexible work as a factor in talent attraction and retention.


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