Thanks To Remote Work, Gympass Reduced Turnover By 70%

Gympass, a global corporate wellbeing platform, rolled out its “work from where you prefer” policy 2 years ago.

This policy gave staff the option to stay remote, go hybrid, or return to work in person.

Unless there is a strong business reason that requires being in person, workers never have to return to the office.

The results were clear: giving people the freedom to decide where they want to work increased employee engagement.

Since 2022, worker satisfaction has doubled. Plus, engagement skyrocketed by 43% and voluntary employee turnover decreased by 69%.

85% of the company’s 1,800 employees now work under this “flexible-hybrid” model. On the other hand, 15% are completely remote.

The company says it hasn’t seen worse performance among remote and hybrid employees.

On the contrary, their elevated engagement and well-being actually improves productivity.

For remote work to function, Gympass is leaning on tools like Google Chat with channels dedicated to specific teams and projects.

Additionally, they have a robust intranet system that organizes information about different company policies. 

Gympass has also been intentional about performance expectations for all employees. By evaluating their business impact and goals, they created clear communication channels.


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