Tesla Reportedly Does Not Have Enough Desks for Employees


After Elon Musk´s controversial email demanding employees to return to the office or “pretend to work somewhere else,” the company makes the headlines again as reportedly they don´t have enough desks, parking, and strong wi-fi signal to support all employees. 

Tesla currently employs approximately 99,210 people. This is the double since 2019. When Elon Musk stated that all employees had to return to work, he didn´t consider aspects such as space, making it even more challenging for employees to return. 

Tesla Receives Backlash After Bad wi-fi and Not Enough Desks for Employees

According to a report from The Information, employees arrived at Tesla´s Fremont in California to struggle to find parking spaces, not enough desks to sit, and terrible wi-fi. 

Employees who drove to work at the Fremont factory couldn’t find a place to park; some even had to park their cars nearby BART station and get shuttled to work by Tesla. Besides the parking controversy, some workers reported that they didn´t even have a place to sit.

The company reportedly decided to transform certain office areas during the pandemic and didn’t consider larger teams. The Information also revealed that the desk situation was so bad that “managers told some employees to work from home anyway.” 

And to make matters worse, even for those who could sit down, the wi-fi signal was too weak for them to work. 



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