Remote Job Demand Skyrocketed After Elon Musk´s Leaked Email


Elon Musk’s email to employees ordering them to return to the offices or “pretend to work somewhere else” skyrocketed the demand for remote work. A new search by backs up the employees’ sentiment, stating that there has been a 556% increase in searches for “work when you want remote jobs.”

Elon Musk created controversy in the last couple of days because of his thoughts on remote work. He expects employees to work from the office, and those who want to continue working remotely are expected to work in the office for a minimum of 40 hours power week or depart Tesla. 

Impact of Elon Musk & Remote Work found that since Musk’s email was leaked, there has been a 556% increase in searches for the term “work when your want remote jobs.” Searches for “what remote jobs are in demand” rise by +357%, while searches for “remote positions” and “remote, part-time jobs” jumbled 85% and 105%, respectively.

While for other big tech names such as Apple and Facebook, remote work is not the answer, Elon Musk’s email made the headlines as most companies are creating flexible policies. Multiple surveys show how employees want to continue working remotely and that, in many cases, they are even willing to take pay cuts to continue with a flexible arrangement. 


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