More Tenants Want Co-working Spaces 

tenants co-working space

According to a recent survey, more tenants are looking for co-working spaces.

The trend of leaving the office to work flexibly is growing. According to Yardi Kube survey, almost 40% of prospective commercial real estate office tenants already have or are considering a co-working space subscription. The supply of co-working spaces doubled after the pandemic. And most companies realized that flexible workplaces are a better option for their businesses. 

Hybrid models allow employees to meet when they need to, maximizing their time and productivity. In addition, it will enable companies to save on budget and invest in improving their work structure. 

Here are the main reasons why tennants are looking for co-working spaces: 

Here are the main reasons why more tenants are considering co-working spaces subscription: 

  • 24 %: Cost savings
  • 17%: Reduced footprint 
  • 10%: Access to short terms lease 

In different industries, more tenants seek co-working spaces embracing remote work trends.  


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