Target Corporate Office to Adopt Hybrid Remote Work Model

a person following hybrid remote work model for target corporate office

Target has decided to ditch the traditional working environment for a hybrid remote work model.

As reported by the New York Times, Target is looking for an office space that can house 3500+ employees as they plan to say goodbye to the City Centre building, Minneapolis.

Target plans to move forward with a “hybrid model of remote and on-site work, allowing for flexibility and collaboration and ultimately, requiring less space.”, as stated by the company officials.

While the year was struggle-some for most retailers as they found it hard to pay rent and make ends meet during the lockdown, Target made a fortune. Target’s 2020 sales growth exceeded 15 billion USD which is bigger than the last 11 years combined! Target is all set to open around 40 new stores in 2021 and also has plans to revamp stores in 150 locations.

Like Target, many giants and even smaller businesses are planning the shift to either a hybrid working model or a completely remote working model. Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox and Salesforce are some of the names among many who plan to embrace the new way of working this year onwards.

Even after the pandemic is completely gone from the face of the earth, one thing will remain – the evolution in the way of working. Remote work for a better work-life balance and more savings is a practical move.


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