Survey Finds That Canadian Workers Are More Likely to Quit Than to Return to the Office


According to a survey by the financial website HardBacon, 80% of Canadian employees would look for another job rather than be forced to return to their offices full-time. The survey also explored how many Canadians work from home or how are their current workplace policies. 

Leaders have different thoughts in terms of going fully remote or returning to the office. For some, remote work decreases productivity, and it impacts culture. For others, it provides the best solution for work-life balance. On the other hand, employees believe that working from home has more benefits than working from the office.

80% of Canadian Employees Prefer to Quit Rather Than Return to the Office 

The survey conducted by HardBacon exposes how most Canadians feel regarding returning to the office. 80% answered that if their company forced them to return full time to the office, they would start looking for a different job and quit.

One of the main reasons is due to their finances. The estimated cost for an employee returning to the office is nearly $6,800 in travel expenses, including gas and public transportation.

The survey adds that both women and men want pay increases if they had to return to the office full time. Women asked for approximately 25% more, and men 29% more. 


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