Summer Camp For Remote Professionals 

remote professionals

Outpost launches a summer camp for remote professionals. 

Outpost provides several services for digital nomads and remote workers. From co-living rooms and coworking spaces to travel logistics, the company gathers professionals with community events. 

The community has four dynamic locations in Asia – one in Sri Lanka and three in Bali. Asia has always been one of the best destinations for travelers and remote workers. From great whether to local communities, it’s easy to connect with others from leisure and business alike. Especially for remote professionals, it’s a great location to enjoy a relaxed style of life and network with other digital nomads. 

Across its different locations, Outpost provides 81 keys and 337 coworking desks to over 12,000 members. Since 2016, the two founders have been targeting digital nomads to grow their community. The area is one of the most dynamic destinations for travelers and remote workers. And the company saw an opportunity to grow a community of specialized professionals. 

Now, they are launching a summer camp for remote professionals. Guests tend to be between 25 and 42 years old, usually professionals and remote workers. At the moment, rooms are around $40/night, and members can also add events and programming revenue. Finally, suits are $130, and long-term costs $1,100/month in Ubud, Bali, or Sri Lanka.

After the pandemic, these types of initiatives are key to pumping the local economy. A summer camp for remote professionals is a strategy to attract long-term travelers and specialized professionals.


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