Sri Lanka: Top Destination for Remote Workers 

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Sri Lanka is one of the best destinations for remote workers. The Sri Lanks government launched several initiatives to attract digital nomads and travelers following the pandemic. 

Kayak created an index targeting top destinations for digital nomads and remote workers. The aim is to provide a reliable source to find new places to live and work. Their Work from Wherever Index values living costs, connectivity, landscapes, and cultural activities. Everything remote workers and travelers need to know before moving somewhere. 

According to their ranking system, Sri Lanka is the second-best destination for remote workers in the Asia Pacific region. The country ranks number 13 – among 111 other countries on a global scale. 

However, Sri Lanka is second only to Japan in the Pacific region. And it ranked better than Thailand, Indonesia, and Singapore – usually among the most popular spots for digital nomads and long-stay travelers.

Here is the country score for the Kayak index: 

  • 80/100: Travel
  • 94/100: Local prices
  • 47/100: Health and safety
  • 41/100: Remote work
  • 25/100: Social life 
  • 81/100: Weather

Sri Lanka had an overall score of 80/100. 

After the pandemic, it’s more common than ever to value countries for their long-stay opportunities. And Sri Lanka is one of the new top destinations for remote workers. 


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