Sri Lanka Launches A New Visa For Digital Nomad

Sri Lanka visa digital nomads

Sri Lanka launches a one-year visa for digital nomads. Last Monday, the Cabinet of Ministers approved the project to improve the global travel and tourism industry

In collaboration with the Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau, Tourism Minister Prasanna Ranatunga launches a visa to attract digital nomads. Sri Lanka is one of the top destinations for digital nomads and remote workers.

The country offers high-speed internet connections; long-term visas; affordable accommodation; affordable lifestyle; and tax exemption for earnings. As a digital nomad, you can efficiently work from a bar or restaurant as you were in a co-working space. Therefore, the island is one of the top destinations for remote workers and digital nomads.

Sri Lanka: Second Top Destination For Digital Nomads

However, there is a reason why Sri Lanka targets digital nomads. For example, the French travel and tourism operator Club Med listed the island as the second top destination for digital nomads in 2021. In short, the index calculates the cost of living; safety; average internet speed; nature; and wellness spots. As a result, the country offers a combination of relaxation and adventure. 

As the travel agency states in the digital nomad index: “Sri Lanka came high up on our list as the second-best country for digital nomads to visit. With low living costs and a beautiful working backdrop of lush green mountains, coral reefs, and powdery sand, it’s clear to see why Sri Lanka offers such a great remote working experience.” 

Following the digital nomad trend, Sri Lanka follows the example of other countries. In conclusion, Sri Lanka’s one-year visa for digital nomads aims to increase tourism and foreign exchange. 


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